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Hey 👋 I'm Russ

A full-service Senior Product Designer based in Cumbria with a passion for long-distance hiking.

30 miles to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail

Cowboy camping on Old Snowy Mountain - Goat Rocks, WA


My experience

I've been a Digital Product Designer for over a decade. In that time I've worked on award-winning SaaS, fintech, e-learning, and e-commerce projects, as well as blockchain and sports. I've built and nurtured design teams, and also worked on agile projects through the entire product development lifecycle.


What I offer

I offer a full service of product design capabilities, all the way from discovery and definition, through to ideation, design and testing. I also have a lot of experience working closely with development teams in an agile environment, ensuring delivery to an extremely high standard.

I've been able to write code for many years, but recently undertook the Codecademy Front-end Engineer course to fully understand the development workflow for more complex projects.


My obsession

Hiking 2,653 miles on the PCT

In 2022 I hiked all 2,653 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. My love for hiking and the great outdoors also sparked my creativity, so I started a YouTube channel and blog called The Trail Hunter which now has over 30,000 subscribers and growing.

I also started Thrunotes, my very own waterproof notebook company.

Photos from the trail

Reached the Canadian border

Wild camping in the Sierra Nevada

Photoshoot at Harts Pass

1000 miles in

Mather Pass

Goat Rocks

Rae Lakes

Cowboy camping on Old Snowy